[FortiOS] FortiGate 방화벽 CLI 정리 Computer Tip

CLI Fortigate and Cisco
Most of my customer start their profesional career based on cisco. They are familiar with "config t" command line.

CISCO 대비 FortiOS 명령어 비교

Fortigate Cisco
show full-configuration show run
execute factory-reset write erase
show system interface show run interface brief
diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic show interface
get system status show version
get system arp | diagnose ip arp list show arp
get router info routing-table all show ip route
diagnose system session list show ip nat translation
diagnose system session clear clear ip nat translation
get router info ospf neighbor show ip ospf neighbor
get router info bgp neighbor show ip bgp neighbor
get router info bgp summary show ip bgp summary

more 없애기

config system console
set output standard


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